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Updated Sandy Gorge description with current river condition and updated code.
Added Upper Kalama River description--12/8/10

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Updated Sandy Gorge description--1/20/08

Updated pictures and directions for Roaring River

Added story Sometimes when you aren't learning anything...

Added pictures for June Creek Section of the Clackamas--10/23/07

Added story Getting Religion--Christmas Eve on Bible Creek

Added story Heaven and Earth--the best and worst of times in costa rica

Added E.F. Hood River

Added 3-Bears section of the Molalla River, added user comment feature for Jordan Cr., 3-Bears, added printable description for 3-Bears.

Added photos for Takilma, added Natural Bridge--10/4/06

Added Elk Lake Creek--6/15/06

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Added Stories page with Upper WF Hood--The Missing 1.5 miles and NF Clack--An Exploratory Top to Bottom Trip. Added Archive page. Added Cripple Creek to the Clackamas Exploratory page--10/5

Added N.F. Rogue River (Takilma Gorge Section), North Santiam River (Packsaddle Section)--9/24

Added Packsaddle Section of the N. Santiam, added Big Creek--9/12/05

Added Wilson exploratory map, added Upper Upper Devil's Lake Fork of the Wilson River to the exploratory map

Added Niagara Section of the N. Santiam--9/6/05

Changed background color to improve readability; added Hunter Creek, Olallie Creek and Still Creek. Added Breitenbush pics--5/12/05

Little Sandy pics--4/13/05

Little Sandy River--4/8/05

Sandy Gorge added to exploratory map--4/8/05

Sandy Gorge--4/3/05

Copper Creek--1/24/05

Wind River, Breitenbush--early January