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(8 miles from NF Reservoir--3.75 miles above NF Reservoir)

The Upper North Fork of the Clackamas is a crapshoot of a run. The first time I tried this section I ended up hiking out after encountering a lot of wood and being a little weirded out because I was running solo. The next time I ran it with Marc Strabic and we had over 30 portages (I lost count after 25!) around, over and under wood. It also doesn't have as many rapids as the lower section. It does have a pretty good 20 ft. waterfall that neither of us ran (but I'm sure has been run). There are also a couple manky ledge drops that didn't look real good at time. Can't imagine I'll ever be back up there but you're welcome to try it and let me know how it goes.

There is currently a ton of wood on this section although most of it isn't particularly dangerous, just annoying. There are a couple places which have wood in rapids which could be bad (I got pinned on a log once). The ledges have some tough landings

How to get there
If you are crazy enough to do the upper run I'd suggest running the lower section as well for a little reward. Either that or hike up the road about 3/4 of a mile to FS 4610.

About 7 miles east of Estacada on Hwy. 224, turn left on FS 4610 and drive about 7 miles. Stay left at this junction. The road crosses Boyer Creek at the bottom of the next hill. You can put in here or continue on this road staying straight at the next junction to the next bridge which crosses the NF Clackamas.

More Info
Check out a trip report from my only complete descent of this run.