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Upper East Fork Hood River
(Sherwood Campground to Hwy.35 Bridge)

Upper EF Hood River Info BoxThere isn't much warm-up time on this run. Although the river has some smaller boulder gardens near the put-in, the river shortly takes off downhill like a freight train. The narrowness of the riverbed combined with a relentless gradient and very few eddies along the shore make this run seem a lot tougher than it looks when scouting from the road. Several sections are steeper than others and there are several blind corners which can contain wood.

River Description (Kayak/Canoe/Raft) A detailed description of the rapids on this run would be pointless. At medium and high water the whole run is essentially one long rapid. Most of the run is visible from the road, especially the steeper sections. If the rapids look big from the road, don't get on the run. The proximity of the road and the unstable geology make the scenery pretty marginal.

At high water, small to non-existent eddies, steep continuous rapids and potential wood all combine to make the entire run hazardous. Be sure to scout BEFORE committing to the run.

How to get there
Take-Out (GPS:45o27.892'N, 121o34.132'W)
From Hood River go south on Hwy. 35 18.5 miles to a bridge over the river. This is the take-out.

Put-In (GPS: 45o23.763'N, 121o34.273'W)-approximate
To reach the put-in, continue to drive south on Hwy. 35 to a pull-out on the right just below Sherwood Campground. There are alternate access points along the highway.

Hood River at Tucker Bridge. The level at Tucker Bridge should be at least 5.5 feet to have 200 cfs in this upper section.