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(1 mile above Mollala River to Mollala River

Pine Creek is another tiny creek that I first heard about from Tim Gross. Tim has a penchant for small, steep, obscure creeks and this one certainly fits the bill. I ran about a mile of the creek one cold, snowy day about 5 years ago. There was quite a bit of wood at the top with a couple runnable sections. Mostly just tough portaging. The last 1/2 mile, though, has some nice drops and was pretty clean of wood. The best section is just upstream and downstream of the bridge near the bottom of the run.

Once you see the creek you will figure out most of the hazards. Very tight rapids with wood and brush to avoid.

How to get there
Take-out (GPS: 45o00.863'N, 122o28.803'W)
Just upstream of Baby Bear rapid on the main Mollala turn left and cross the main Mollala. Follow this road to the left and it will eventually end with a gate at the bridge over Pine Creek.

Hike up the road as far as you like and put-in.