About the author...

This website was started as an extension of my work as editor of the 4th edition of Soggy Sneakers; the most comprehensive paddling guidebook to Oregon rivers. Free from the restrictions of traditional publishing, this website is, for the most part, my vision of a complete paddling guide. The internet allows the addition of many photos to give paddlers a sense of the nature of the run and allows run descriptions to be updated as needed. I'm also not limited by space so I can include many obscure runs that appeal to a certain type of paddler but don't have the traditional appeal to warrant inclusion in a print guide.

The other purpose of this website is to document the creeks and rivers I've explored over the years in order to help identify where new runs might be found. There are many misses, but that information is important in itself so that myself (and hopefully others) can focus future exploration on other rivers and creeks that might be paddling gems.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion as influenced by my paddling preferences and style. Others may interpret a particular river or creek differently but I've tried to take other paddling preferences and style into account. I welcome comments and hope to include comments from other paddlers into the website in order to create the best possible resource for Oregon paddlers.

Hope you enjoy the site!