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Check out my river log. I grew up outside Chicago but took a lot of family camping trips all over the country while growing up. The best part of these trips for me was hunting out any nearby rivers, creeks, drainage ditches...basically anything that had moving water. A 3 day rafting trip on the N. Umpqua with my brother was my first significant boating trip. Bad gear and no real river skill led to an exciting and memorable trip.

I started kayaking after taking a beginning course at Oregon State University. I wasn't even close to knowing how to roll as we took our graduation kayaking trip down the McKenzie in early Feb. After 5 swims in a wetsuit and wool sweater, I was hooked. I bought a used Dancer XT (extra tubby!) and started trying to learn a roll in a nearby pond and in the Willamette River.

Portaging Tree Farm rapid on the South Santiam
Note the bright green helmet, red lifejacket and BIG yellow boat!
circa. '91
Portaging a Rapid

Since then I've spent some time boating in Colorado where I learned to seriously raft before returning to Oregon to start my own rafting company, Blue Sky Rafting. Now I spend summers rafting on the Clackamas River and winters trying to kayak as much as possible.

I really enjoy exploring and running new rivers. I thought others might also be interested in information about all the boating opportunities (both good and bad) in Oregon and maybe inspire others to get out and experience some really cool places.

Hope you enjoy the site!